Friday, March 23, 2012

Introduction of Shana (by Micah)

Shana, ah, what can be said about Shana. Often accidentally referred to as Shaahnaah, seldom called Phillip, and answers favorably to the exclamation: "WHAT'S ON FIRE?!" A delightful gal, but I'm biased. I so enjoy her that I had to ask her to marry me... that and there was a gun pointed at my head. I suppose that an introduction could be successful if I extolled those virtues that drew me to "put a ring on her," as it were. While the gun to my temple was a consideration (I wear a hat. I need my head to wear a hat. Case closed.) I was more in tune with her sweetness, kindness, acerbic wit, and devilishly morbid sense of humor. We share a calculated love of adventure. I can imagine us traveling to far off lands and exploring strange new places... with a satellite phone and three days supply of food. We are both the kind of folks who take the bull by the horns, well, more so her. I like to wait until a hot day and the bull is drowsy. She is an unconventional woman. Sublime and tenacious, and known for her sympathetic heart and the willingness to use that heart with her mind to be of some real use to the world. Perhaps the most loved and cherished thing about her is that earnest need to help people. It is supremely admirable that the very disease that robbed her of her Father is storm she works in. Everyday bringing a shelter from the maelstrom of a dreaded malady while giving comfort and hope to those who could easily find themselves without. That's Shana, and I love her.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introduction of Micah (by Shana)

This was written for a biography assignment in one of Micah's graphic design classes. For those of you who know him already, you will find this hilarious. For those of you who have yet to meet Micah, this is a perfect first impression... and also, I'm sorry. :-D